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For NVSL meets, volunteers wear white shirts and navy blue shorts/skirts/pants (no denim or team affiliated gear). For B-meets there are no attire requirements, but many continue to wear the white shirts and blue shorts/skirts/pants combo. All volunteers should wear comfortable shoes and sun/heat protection.

More information on many of these positions can be found on the NVSL website or by contacting the Swim Team Rep.

Oversees the pool deck including the starting area, sides of the pool, the finish area, and the Clerk of Course area to maintain order among competitors, spectators, officials, and coaches. Controls the flow of people in the pool area, ensures quiet among the spectators and swimmers at the start of the race. Fashionable brightly colored vests are loaned to you for the duration of your volunteer shift.

Announces important information before, during, and at the conclusion of the swim meet. Timelines and scripts are available.

3 timers are needed per lane. One timer determines that the proper swimmer or relay team is in the correct lane and records all manual stopwatch times swum in the lane. The other two timers help time each swimmer in the lane with a stopwatch and provide their times for record. This is a great entry level position for parents new to swimming. Others continue to time year after year because it’s the best seat in the house for watching the races and the finish line! Remember to wear footwear that can wet – swimmers can make quite a splash. A cool splash on a hot, summer day might be just the way to work a meet!

Chief Timer
Coordinates all timers. Instructs on how to determine official times and when to reset watches. Responsible for delivering accurate timecards to the Time Recorder after each event. Works with the Referee to keep the meet moving (signals to the Referee that timers are ready for the next event start). Provides assistance with timing should a lane need an alternate timer.

Clerk of Course
Assembles swimmers into their correct lanes and events in the ‘Clerk of Course’ designated area and then guides the swimmers adjacent to the starting end of the pool. Reports to Referee and Place Recorder the number of swimmers checked in but failing to report to each event. A great place to be if you like seeing all the kids before their races!

Helps collect timecards from the Chief Timer and any DQ slips from the Referee and delivers them to the Data Coordinator. This is a great position for anyone who like to be on the move.

Place Recorder
Determines the order of race finishes based on swim times on the timecards. Resolves discrepancies in the timecards with the Chief Timer. Records disqualifications (DQ) when received from the Referee. Responsible for identifying team or league records.

Data Entry Coordinator
Prepares for upcoming meets by coordinating with the Team Rep and Coaches to enter event data. Coordinates with the opposing team’s Data Coordinator to collate event data. Creates psych sheets for the meet. During the meet electronically records information from the timecards and any attached disqualification (DQ) slips for each swimmer. Generates award labels. Produces official results report at the conclusion of the meet. NVSL currently uses Hy-Tek software. A good volunteer opportunity if you like computer programs, working with data numbers, and being a central part of the meet. NVSL training is available in May/June.

Receives a copy of the printed results throughout the meet and checks that swimmers’ names, times, place (or disqualification status) and teams are correct according to the information on the timecards and attached disqualification (DQ) slips.

Awards/Ribbons Clerk
Selects the appropriate ribbons or medals and attaches the correct labels for each race. 

Takes photos and/or videos during the meets and other activities.

Relay Take-off (RTO) Judge
Two judges from each team (four in total) watch for legal takeoffs in the relay races. Since fewer timers are needed for the relays those timers not timing can be used to monitor the relays. This is a great entry level position for parents new to swimming. On-the-job training can be provided. Remember to wear footwear that can wet – swimmers can make quite a splash. A cool splash on a hot, summer day might be just the way to work a meet!

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Referee *
Ensures the meet is conducted in accordance with the rules and ensures fair and equitable competitive conditions exist at all times for all swimmers. Exercises full authority to carry out responsibilities. Arbitrates any disputes and protests. Must be familiar with the current NVSL Handbook as well as the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations. Training is required.

Starter *
Responsible for the start of each race. Also is the ‘next in command’ during a swim meet should the Referee be unavailable to perform his/her duties. Training is required.

Stroke & Turn Judge *
Ensures legal strokes and turns are performed during races. Works with the Referee if there is a disqualification. Training is required.

These positions marked with an * require attendance at an NVSL clinic and proper qualifications/certifications before performing. The NVSL conducts clinics in May/June.

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Concessions (home meets only)
Responsible for concessions at home swim meets. During meets helps set up concession areas and works the concessions. This position can be split between two families.

Parking Lot Official (as needed during larger home meets)
Maintains order in the parking lot. The larger meets, like Divisionals or the Relay Carnival, tend to see many Coaches, Team Reps, etc coming to the pool. It's helpful to have someone directing traffic for those vehicles allowed in the parking lot.

Meet Set Up (home meets only)
Getting the pool ready for Saturday A-meets actually begins the night before on Fridays around 7:45pm. We get as much as we can set up and then finish Saturday morning before the meet. Set up for Monday B-meets occurs in the afternoon before the meet. EVERYONE is invited to help. Many hands make light work!

Meet Take Down (home meets only)
ALL families should help with this task. The more families who help the quicker we can get everything wrapped up!

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Season-Long Opportunities

Responsible for concessions at home swim and dive meets. Responsible for obtaining and storing of concession items. During meets helps set up concession areas, works the concessions, and works closely with the Team Reps and the Club Treasurer with regards to expenses and money made during meets. This position can be split between two families. There is a registration discount associated with this volunteer position.

Spirit Wear
Help with the design, sales, and distribution of spirit wear.

Coordinates fundraising efforts including the annual car wash; dine out nights; long distance swims, and swim club sponsorships.

Team Social Activities
Plans and coordinates social activities for the team. Popular activities we’ve done in the past include Friday breakfasts, lip-sync and late night swims; ice cream socials, scavenger hunts, pep rallies…just to name a few!

Takes photos and/or videos during the meets and other activities.

End-of-Season Banquet
The End-of-Season banquet offers the opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of swimmers and divers and the contributions of coaches and parents. Coordinates banquet planning, arranging banquet location, décor, food and refreshments, activities, ordering trophies/medals/awards, and set up and clean up. During the banquet works with the Coaches and Team Rep to provide a successful event.

Co-Swim Team Rep
Helps represent the team in the NVSL, ensures rules and information are communicated throughout the team, makes sure that each meet is run successfully, and manages many other aspects of the swim program.

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