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Volunteer Opportunities

My child is on the team. Do I need to volunteer?
YES, absolutely! Commitment from at least one parent per each family is needed to run a successful swim and dive program. Many of the volunteer positions are quick to learn and easy to perform. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and grow your own knowledge of swimming and diving. You, too, will have a great time helping the team!

Do I need experience?
Many of the volunteer opportunities do not require any experience. There are some officiating positions, however, at the swim and dive meets that do require NVSL training. That training is provided before the season starts (May/June).

How do I sign up?
Signing up is done thru the Sign Up Calendar section or by contacting the Swim or Dive Team Rep. 

Where can I find more information?
Opportunities related to swimming are located under the Swim Volunteer tab. 
Opportunities related to diving are located under the Dive Volunteer tab. 
Season-long opportunities are located in both sections.

Swim meets are run entirely by volunteers. NVSL requires a minimum of 45+ adults to conduct a Saturday NVSL A-meet. Monday night B-meets are similar in need. This does not include those who help with setup and takedown as well as Concessions when we host meets. On a given year we could host 3 Saturday A-meets and 2 Monday night B-meets. Specialty meets, like Time Trials or Divisionals, require a larger number of volunteers given the size and duration of those meets. Our pool does has the capability to host Divisionals.

With the exception of parents who have infants or toddlers they need to watch, at least one parent should plan on volunteering at each meet in which their family participates. If you have more than one swimmer in a meet, both parents should plan on volunteering in some capacity for the meet.

Volunteer sign-ups are available for both Saturday morning and Monday evening meets, and other specialty events. Events are added to SwimTopia throughout the season so make sure to frequently check the Sign Up Calendar section. Once we are within 48 hours of an event, we will fill in participating families (who have not volunteered) in any open positions. This is necessary to ensure we have enough volunteers to stage a meet.

Dive meets are run entirely by volunteers. Fewer volunteers are needed for dive meets than swim meets, but each family should plan to volunteer to work at least two meets. You may select your preferred volunteer position from the opportunities listed in each meet on the Sign Up Calendar section.

Season-Long Opportunities
Not only do we need volunteers to run meets we also need volunteers throughout the season to help with various team activities. Many of these duties can be done outside of practice or meet times making them good options for those with small children or those who work outside of the pool during normal practice and meet times. Please contact the Swim Team Rep if you are interested in these opportunities.

Our volunteer coordinators are very creative and accommodating. They will work with you in any way possible to find the best match of volunteer opportunities. We appreciate your willingness to serve on behalf of the swimmers and divers. 

A successful season is achieved with volunteers like YOU!

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